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Jan 22, 2017

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As the shape of his administration emerged, we asked voters if they were happy with their choice and optimistic about the future. Here is some of what we found : _____ ERIE, Pa. Bill Rieger didnt believe in politicians. But last summer, after hearing Donald Trump speak here, he began to reconsider his political indifference. At 57, he had watched for decades as Erie, his formerly vibrant hometown, painfully faded and shrunk. In what was once a beating heart of the nations manufacturing industry on the banks of Lake Erie in western Pennsylvania, factories had been boarded up, one by one, taking with them tens of thousands of jobs. A downtown that had been packed with stores and offices when Rieger was a kid was now just a shell. Rieger had a closer view of the downturn than most. More than 20 years ago, the Army veteran had taken over as owner of Dominicks Eatery, a 50-year-old diner along 12th Street, the citys main industrial corridor, where his parents had been taking him since he was a kid. Open around the clock, the place used to be packed with line workers coming on and off their shifts at the plants that lined the street, but as the jobs were lost, the customers vanished too.

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