Some New Insights Into Straightforward Products For Online Roulette

Jan 19, 2017

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A New Breakdown Of Effortless Strategies In [casino]

They bet about as much per hour as a $5 a hand table player. Imagine youre playing a 40-line video slot at the minimum of 40 cents per line. If youre taking your time and playing at a moderate pace, youre making about 500 bets per hour. Thats $200. If youre dedicated to playing with no delays, spinning the reels right away after each play, you can get that up to 800-plus spins per hour even accounting for non-wagering time spent on bonus events and free spins. Compare that to a $5 blackjack player at a full table and if the minimum bet is $5, the table is as likely as not to be full. That player is making 50 to 60 bets per hour, or between $250 and $300. Thats in the same territory as a 40-cent slot bettor. The house edge also is higher on slots. Saying a slot machine pays 90% is the same as saying the house edge is 10%.

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Then the house could make extra money from the players who dont know any better or who want to chase the bigger payoffs. Meanwhile, the rest of us can just play blackjack a no extra cost. Maybe if the casinos were making extra money from side bets they could go back to offering decent rules on the main game. ANSWERS: Side bets dont come without cost to the casinos. They are proprietary games and casinos must pay licensing fees to have the bets on their tables. In order to earn their keep, side bets must generate enough action to pay the licensing fee as well as to make a profit for the house. Usually, the side bets generate plenty of action early in their life cycle, but the action erodes as players notice their money disappearing faster than on the base game. The side bets with the longest life span have been those with the lowest house edges. The prime example is 21 + 3, with a 3.24 percent house edge that seems steep for a basic strategy player, but which isnt as noticeable to an average player.

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